11-Intentionality, Planning and Programming in Outdoor Play

In this module, participants will examine planning and programming strategies for outdoor play. Reflecting on theories and how they might be applied to practice, the module will focus on the planning cycle that begins with intent and leads to the implementation of experiences that are exploratory and discovery based. Strategies including trial balloons and the scientific method of inquiry will be introduced as ways to enhance and extend experiences.

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7 Lessons

In this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Reflect on the underpinning theories that support children in their outdoor play experiences.
  2. Examine invitations and provocations as they relate to play and to the place, people, time and experience provided.
  3. Examine planning cycles that support intentional teaching and outdoor play and learning.
  4. Examine various invitations that can be provided that support four-season play.
  5. Analyze the scientific method of inquiry as a strategy to encourage children’s outdoor play and learning experiences.

Module Materials

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Speakers with Volume “ON”


  1. marie-france bourgoin-leger

    I love this module! It will help me plan and programming outdoor play in a better way. I might be able to convince some of my colleagues to join me in this quest.

  2. Corina Manasseri

    Learning new outdoor strategies is a big part of building confidence and understanding the elements and supporting children’s learning.

  3. Vicki Pollock

    I will definitly be more vigilant about my curriculum planning and am encouraged to advocate for more outdoor activities after studying this module.

  4. DC

    This module has made me think about how to apply the learning to my outdoor play program

  5. Francine Bolduc

    I really enjoy this training. There is a lot of information that will be very useful for me to share with my peers.

  6. Sharon Evenden

    It is great to be reminded that you can look deeper into outdoor play and add some items from time to time that will enhance experiences.