The Planning Cycle

The planning side of programming involves using what has been collected during the process of pedagogical documentation to create curriculum plans. Early learning teachers draw from the following:

  • Professional journal entries
  • Reflections on experiences
  • Learning stories
  • Observations
  • Photos
  • Video

Early learning teachers create plans that support the connection between documentation and programming. In this way, documentation has the potential to become pedagogical. When documentation is analyzed for deep meaning, early learning teachers can build on the authentic interests, learning and development of children. Before engaging in the planning of a long-term investigation or project, interpretation of documentation is necessary. The broader the reach for interpretation, the more effective the plans will be to support children’s outdoor play and learning. Slowing down the process of pedagogical documentation is needed to create space for the seeking of the interpretation of others. In the meantime, early learning teachers can continue to provide invitations, provocations, sparks for learning, trial balloons and investigational triggers. Whatever the term used, the intention is to continue documenting, planning and providing for children over the short term. With reflection, planning becomes more purposeful and can build on children’s interests, ideas, learning and development over the long-term.