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About the Modules

These modules may be completed at your own pace during the defined timeframes listed on the CCCF website. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The modules will take approximately three hours each to complete. The modules are designed to be completed sequentially.

Each module has interactive content that includes slide shows, interactive graphics, discussion forums, and voice recorded content. At the end of each module, you will have the option to engage in self-reflective options and an assessment activity. You may complete the assessment activity as many times as you wish. Once all 12 modules have been successfully completed, you will receive a certificate of completion to download.

In each of the modules, participants will engage in experiences that:

  • Integrate early learning and outdoor play theory and practice through examples, discussion forums and reflections on professional experiences and practice.
  • Promote understanding of adult roles and children’s practices, including how observation and documentation supports understanding the dynamics of children’s outdoor play, materials, and experiences.
  • Offer the development and/or depth of reflective practice, including the ability to make thoughtful and perceptive assessments of one’s own professional values, beliefs and practices related to outdoor play, as well as the ability to understand the relationship of adult attitudes, role modeling and sense of curiosity to children’s desire to explore, wonder, experiment and discover in outdoor environments.
  • Encourage dialogue and collaboration with peers, children and families.
  • Extend awareness of why outdoor play is essential to children on a daily basis.