01-History and Culture

This module provides an overview of the history of outdoor play and the culture of childhood. An introduction to historical influences on outdoor play and ways to incorporate cultural diversity into and honour locally appropriate and indigenous culture in children’s outdoor play environments and experiences are examined.

8 Lessons

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Course Description

In this module, participants will be able to:

  1. Define history, play and culture and reflect on the history of outdoor play.
  2. Examine the relationship of the history of play and playgrounds and consider the culture of childhood and the implications of culture on play.
  3. Reflect on the image of children outdoors and foundational concepts for teaching and learning outside.
  4. Examine how historical thinkers have influenced outdoor play for children.
  5. Relate the history of toys and games to the current culture of childhood and outdoor play.
  6. Examine strategies for embedding culture in early learning environments related to outdoor play and learning.
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