Using the Elements in Risky Play

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From the four elements comes much adventure. From the earth comes an opportunity for digging, sliding, rolling, and running. With water, children can feel the pelting of the rain, or have the sensation of water, of spraying water or being sprayed by water. Children can wade into shallow water or feel water as it runs from an outdoor tap. Using gutters, they can create water flow, experiencing cause and effect. Children experience the wind when playing with kites and flags. Light and dark are also qualities of air. Light experiences at night are thrilling for children as they feel the power of lighting up the darkness. The air also produces sounds and with instruments made by children and otherwise, they can manipulate and produce various sounds (Knight, 2011). Learn more about the four elements and risky play by clicking on the words below each picture.


Tactile Play

Tactile play is one of the earliest ways in which very young children learn about their environment and world around them. Tactile experiences provide children with comfort, knowledge, stimulation and pleasure. Many early learning programs offer children sand rather than mud, even though mud has so much potential. It is malleable. It comes in a variety of colours and textures. It encourages digging. It can be used for art and construction. Mud provides opportunities for slipping and sliding. If the risk of children putting mud in their mouths or hurting themselves while playing with mud is managed, the experience can be joyful (Knight, 2011).


Playing in Water

Playing in water can be soothing and fun but it also can be dangerous if the water is too deep. However, playing in the rain can be magical. Children also love to play in sprinklers and to spray water as they explore the flow of water. Puddles provide never ending potential for inquiry as they change over seasons and with the placement of the sun. Running water gives children a chance to discover how they can change the direction of water as it ebbs and flows, making gullies and water holes (Knight, 2011). Shallow water and beaches make for endless discoveries. When early learning teachers consider the element of water, they determine strategies to manage risk in order to provide all the benefits that water can bring to children’s play.


Outdoor Experiences That Include Fire

There are many benefits to outdoor experiences that include fire. Many early learning teachers around the world have developed strategies to manage the risk so that children’s lives may be enriched with this exciting element. Fire lighting with children is done with caution and careful planning. There are many points to consider (Knight, 2011), including the age and stage of development of the children involved as well as their prior experience with fire. There is still great benefit from watching flames and eating food cooked on a fire. With experience and confidence and low adult-child ratios, early learning teachers can involve children more fully (Knight, 2011).

We recommend following these ten points when considering bringing the element of fire to children’s outdoor play experiences:

  1. Position the fire carefully, considering the possibility of spreading
  2. Consider the surface that the fire is built upon as fires will scorch anything they are set on
  3. Use dry materials to burn
  4. Stack materials to be burnt to the side of the fire before feeding the fire
  5. Keep cooking fires small
  6. Only the cook should feed the fire
  7. Place kettles or pots on the fire or suspend them above
  8. Use cooking utensils with long handles to protect the hands and arms
  9. Keep fires small and manageable
  10. Put fires out thoroughly before leaving (Knight, 2011).


Air is an Essential Part of our Natural World

Air is an essential part of our natural world even though “we cannot see it except by inference from the movement of other things, and only touch it if it is disturbed, and smell it if there is an addition to it” (Knight, 2011, p. 32).  Children benefit from adults helping them learn about a heightened awareness of air as part of the earth around us. Clouds, kites, flags and wind and stories about them can capture children’s imagination. Light and dark can enhance their awareness. Sounds in the air bring music to the outdoors. It is unlikely that children will be carried away by the wind so risk is manageable (Knight, 2011).

Instead of using the weather as an excuse to bring children inside, use these natural elements to enhance children’s play and learning experiences. Imagine that you work close to the beach and you and a colleague have brought a group of children to experience the element of air on a cool and blustery fall day. Watch and listen to this video. What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?

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  1. Angela George

    So much for them to experience here , with the sounds of the wind, and the smell of the ocean, grass that will tickle their faces, seed heads will feel soft. The wind blowing so hard could feel like a risk to small children, could knock them down, but i think they would find it thrilling, and exhilarating. I suppose another risk would be them getting wet and cold but if you were prepared with towels and extra clothes it wouldnt be much of a risk, or going too deep in the water but all this could be minimized by a teacher’s watchful eye. I can almost smell the ocean!

  2. Christine Norman

    The children will have a variety of experiences based on their own feelings about the beach, the wind and the experience in general. Some children may be excited and thrilled. Some children may be nervous of the wind. There may be a feeling of risk of being blown away by the wind. It would be a different experience for each child.

  3. Michelle Davis

    The wind is thrilling. I see a potential risk with the water and the large waves, but making sure the children know what their boundaries are will mitigate the chance of injury. I think the children would love to experience this experience.

  4. Cindy Spencer

    Often children are taken inside when the weather is like this, they are not given the opportunity to experience it in a “fun way”. It is often seen as risky and dangerous to play in this but I think the children would love to feel the wind and sway like the tall grass, enjoy the sounds around them, waves crashing, grass rustling. It would be a perfect opportunity for children to explore the wind.

  5. Shirley Robinson

    I didn”t see any risk, but if the wind got more powerful, maybe somethings would start blowing around, but all good

  6. Rachael Ewan

    The risk comes from items that would be picked up from the wind. So having an awareness of the area would be helpful. I remember as a child when it was really windy opening up my jacket and thinking I might blow away, it was exciting and fun. I am sure the children would have a similar experience.

  7. Nikki Littlechild

    I don’t see any risk at all taking children out in this type of windy weather. If the educator embraces it I think the children will feel excited and happy to experience the wind pushing their bodies. It would be a really fun day to get outside in my eyes. Some children may feel a little afraid however if the educator embraces it they will too!

  8. Melissa Vail

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?
    The children will experience the force of the wind, the sounds of nature (like grass blowing around, the waves). Children would feel excited to experience this as some may have never been out in this kind of weather. They may feel at risk when the wind pushes against their bodies which becomes a great learning experience. I would think the risk may be sand or other debris blowing in their eyes/face.

  9. Heather Brekkaas

    The children will have the opportunity to see the sand blow, play in the sand, find shells and creatures and bugs. From my experience some kids would love the wind and the threat of a storm, while others will be a bit wary and maybe hesitant to play.

  10. Dana Wilson

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?

    The children will have many great learning experiences. They will learn about the strength of the wind, the power the wind has on water, and things on the land. They will be able to play in the sand and possibly the water. They will learn how the wind can make you feel colder when you are wet. Such a wonderful outdoor experience. I think they will feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled with their adventure. Some of them may feel risk but most I suspect would just be excited. There is risk with the water, waves the possibility of undertow, but these risks are easy to account for and therefore minimize.

  11. Heather Diewert

    A day at the beach on a cool, blustery fall day, can be so exhilarating! Listening to the wind rustle though the tall grass, watching and the waves break on the shore, and smelling the brine in the air can really waken the senses of children. Even the wind blowing across your face and body seems to wash all your cares away, creating an inner peace.
    There are so many experiences the children can have, collecting shells, grasses, and seaweed; having the wind push your body, challenging bodies to stay balanced on logs; sitting in a spot and watching the ocean mindfully; flying kits….
    I think children experience a sense of ‘adventure’ on a windy beach day, and may feel a sense of risk form the colours of the water, and deeper sounds, and less control from being pushed by the wind, and obviously being near the water poses a risk, as well as being up wind from the group and not hearing the sounds from the children can be a challenge, not to mention the potential of sand blowing in eyes. These are all aspects of this type of play, yet with considerate planning of the educators. the benefits far outweigh the potential risks.

  12. Jody Anderson

    The children would experience the feeling of the cool wind on their faces and blowing through their hair. They would hear the waves lapping on the shore and the grasses brushing up against each other. They would smell scents that come to them with the wind. The would be able to hide amongst the grasses . The would see the flag and watch the people or themselves either be pushed by the wind or pulled by the wind. They may see hats or other articles of clothing go flying down the beach which would encourage a wild chase after them if it was the childs. They may see sea birds struggling to fly.
    The children would be excited to feel the different sensory experiences unless it was a child who hasn’t been outside too much and they may become overstimulated who may then need some extra encouragement to explore and play.
    The risks may be objects flying towards the children like sand, light objects, or maybe garbage if it got away from someone. They may have clothing blown off and hair may blow into their own eyes or into a friends eyes. Risks are almost non existant.
    The children might feel at risk depending on their ages or the activities they choose to participate in. If they are not used to the wind they may feel like they could blow down the beach if they are young enough. They may feel like there is a risk of getting lost if they go into the tall grasses or that their are animals hiding in the grass.

  13. lisa.rodney

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience? Children will experience the power of wind – through their personal experience with it, but also in the way that it blows the grass, flags etc. I think they will feel excited and exhilarated. Risk would be minimal – sand blowing, depending on the temperature possible wind burn but the risk is outweighed by the experience. Educators would need to ensure children weren’t too close to the surf. Some may feel like they are going to blow away so may feel at risk, but I would think it would be an exciting risk, not a dangerous risk.

  14. Anna Mary McKenney

    Is there risk to this experience?

    The children will have so many experiences. Sensory play in the sand, in the water, looking for rocks and shells, seeing new animals and creatures. You can talk about weather and biodiversity and environmental. You can cloud watch, or paint landscapes. They would be excited to be in a new place and experiencing new things. They may feel at risk if the place is new to them or there are things they have not seen before, but this is manageable risk. There is very limited risk during this experience not more than a regular play space

  15. Jennifer Yarmish

    So many sensations to be experienced here! The feel of the strong wind pushing at their bodies, the sound of the waves crashing on to the shore, the feel of the reeds blowing if they walk through the tall grass and likely many scents in the air. The children might want to run on the boardwalk to feel the vibration and hear their boots on the wood or they may want to try venturing closer to those large waves. They might feel like the world is much larger than normal as their bodies would work harder to walk in to the wind and their voices would be raised to be heard above the sounds around them.
    With the planning and safety aspects thought out ahead of time by the adults (and then discussed with the children) the risks would be minimal. Sand in the eyes or a fall would be what could happen but the thrill of experiencing the elements would create excitement and stories of the adventure.

  16. Krista Ambrose

    The children will experience the wind in their face. If they stand in a tree pose, they will feel the wind try and push them over. They will feel the water blowing on them. If they wonder into the long grass, they will experience how it feels blowing in the wind. I think the children will be excited, exhilarated and thrilled. I know I would be. Even as an adult I love days like that even if I am not at the beach. If the child is small they might feel risk as the wind pushes them around. They also may be worried that the water wave may get them. I think there is some risk like blowing sand and debris. There is also a risk if they get too close to the water.

  17. Lindsey Cooper

    I don’t think that the children will feel at risk unless they think a thunderstorm may start. The risk is sand flying into their eyes or a child wandering from the group. The risk is minimal and I like they are finding joy in all types of weather, not just when it’s a sunny day out.

  18. Bonnie Willson

    The children will experience the feel of the wind blowing on them, watching the wind blow the water, the grass, and experience the sounds that the strong winds make. They will feel excited, because what an adventure being in an element that has so much effect on you and your surroundings, but you have no control over at all. I believe they may feel more excited than at risk. There is risk, but I believe nothing that can’t be controlled, that’s what makes it so exciting!

  19. Jasmine Park

    Children will be excited to feel the strong wind, observe reeds movement and strong wave. For young children, sand can be a risk but it can be handled easily.

  20. Rachelle Gregoire

    I think kids would enjoy exploring in the wind. They like to see what it can move and pretend they are birds. Some might not like the way it feels on their body, or some could be scared. Some might get upset if it blows their snack away. Choosing the right environment is key! Choosing a forest of tall trees, or a prairie field in winter will have more risks than a beach walk.

  21. Katarina Ninkovic

    Actually in the spring, we took the kids out on the most windy day and we would climb up the hill,and let the wind roll or blow us down and it was one of the most fun days ever!!! the only risk was….how sad the children would have been had we stayed inside.

  22. Nicole Robinson

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?

    On a windy day the children can experience a variety of sensations, cold from the wind compared to the stillness of just the sun. Watching things fly through the air such as fabric, garbage and sand. Depending on the child and their previous experiences, some children will feel excited, some will be exhilarated and thrilled while others will be scared. I don’t see any unmanageable risk on a windy day.

  23. Grace Smith

    We have experienced something like this before when we took our children to the lake and started getting so windy and rain started to pour while waiting for the school bus to pick us up, The children just loved it and started running around arm spread wide like they were flying. They used their towels and imagined they were flying. It was for sure very trilling and exciting experience for them for all of us as we joined them. We never thought of the risk at that point as we all been carried away.

  24. Angel Huang

    Imagine that you work close to the beach and you and a colleague have brought a group of children to experience the element of air on a cool and blustery fall day. Watch and listen to this video. What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience
    Children would experienced the wind brushing through their hair, their jackets might fly up and they are trying to hold on to everything at a time. They will be excited for sure to head out on a windy day to have a walk on the beach. Watching the plants, flag and birds waving and flying around will be exhilarated. Hearing the sound of the wind blowing around them. There will be a little risk, i guess is something get into their eyes which can be rinse off easier. They can try to jump up and spread their legs and arms out to see if the wind can blow them backwards or even try to fly like a bird while they jump and and wave their arms like a pair of wings.

  25. Maria Agustin

    I think the children are exited to hear all the various sound such as the waves, rustling grasses and the birds flying on that windy day. It’s a great experience to them.

  26. Lisa Goldsack

    Some children might feel scared if they haven’t had an experience like this before but for the other children they might feel excited, exhilaration, freedom, wildness.

  27. Karin Freiberg

    If children have not been exposed to this before, they may find it scary or intimidating. That’s OK. If they choose to be an observer and stay close to an adult, you are meeting their needs and managing their comfort level. Next time they may have a different reaction. There may be some risks as always when water and weather are involved, but I believe the risks can be managed.

  28. Shannon Stewart

    I see so many experiences on this day. How exciting this would be for the children. The wind would push against their bodies, and forcefully blowing in their faces, the sound of the grass blowing, exploring the direction of the wind, watching the birds fly against the wind, the flag blowing in the wind, hiding in the blowing grass, what animals are out on a windy day? What can you hear? Feel?

  29. Mikaela Reyes

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?

    Hearing the wind creates such good experience to children. They may learn to make their voices louder and feel the wind in their mouth. I’m sure children will also mention that their hair is being blown by the wind, that it’s cold, and everything light is moving. Children will feel so thrilled and would for sure want to be “pushed” by the wind. I don’t think children will feel at risk, probably only when an adult already warned them about any harm when playing in this weather. There are clearly varieties of risk to experience in this scenario that really involves knowing and understanding the element, problem-solving skills, (eyes going in their eyes), as well as, fulfillment in experiencing strong winds.

  30. Jessica Garner

    Yes, I imagine some children might feel at risk, and there is some potential risk of sand blowing in children’s faces. However, I also imagine many children would feel exhilarated and in awe of the power of the wind. They might notice how the grasses move, the roar of the wind, or the new power of the waves. Children might also be enthralled by the feeling of wind in their hair and clothes, and experiment moving with or against the wind.

  31. Ruth Novak

    I think at first the children will be a little hesitant to play, but then it will come naturally. They will experience what the wind can do! They will be “blown away” and may find ways to not let the wind push them. They can listen to the sounds it makes and watch it blow. There is always risk to playing in the wind, but I think the children will be okay with the right guidance.

  32. Kimberley Thompson

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?

    The children would experience the movement of wind, how it sounds , they could even fly a kite and see how the wind blows it around. They can feel excited if the teacher is excited as well role modeling how the wind effects objects into moving. I feel the at risk would be the big waves in the ocean , children wouldn’t be at risk though because they wouldn’t be in the water .

  33. Tammy

    The risk is very minimal in my option. I think the children would be thrilled to play in the wind and wave like the tall grasses and to pretend that the wind could take them up and they could float like the bird.

  34. Betty-Ann Ryz

    Children would be excited by the sound of the wind, movement of the surrounding vegetation, waves on the water, watching the flag fly and the pressure of the wind. The risks would be ensuring the children understand the boundaries and listening to the teachings of being among wind, water, and sun elements.

  35. Amanda Christison

    I think that this would be a wonderful learning opportunity for the children and if I were close to a beach, I would totally take advantage of that myself. From watching the video, the benefits far outweigh the risks. That is with proper, close and active supervision. You would go over with the children the expectations beforehand as it is a public place. Explain to them the parameters of where they can/can’t go and also give them a logical explanation as to why. Also being very mindful of how close they are playing near the water’s edge and the potential of getting sand in their eyes. Just the sensory experience alone is totally worth it. You can just lose yourself at the beach with the sights and sounds. Feeling the grains of sand in your fingers and watching how the wind sways the tall grasses to and fro. I can see the children running to the grass and having fun hiding in it as well.

  36. Silvia Martínez

    Near my dayhome we do not have any beaches or anything of those sorts. The children in these kinds of weather like in the video would be very excited because they see that the wind can cause lots of movements of the trees and grass. They can also see the bird flying in the air, but also the water because when the water mixes with the wind it causes a different sound for the kids. Having a place like this is great for kids because they can disconnect from their usual day-to-day routine and experience something new by the water. In any activity planned there is always an underlying risk for kids, so the activity in the wind does have a risk of the children getting sick due to lack of proper clothing, sand in their eye, or accidentally getting into the water.

  37. Julia Kunz

    The children will get a lot of sensory experiences-the wind, the water, the smells, watching the grass blow in the wind. I do believe the children will feel excited to play there, as it includes all the things children look for in an outdoor play space. (loose parts, places to hide, trails, ect) I do not see any risk except for perhaps the cement ramp could be slippery on rainy days. I would also recommend givng the children visual boundries of where they can go. (” we can go as far as that big tree alone-if you want to go further, please check with me first.”)

  38. Minni Harris

    The children would love to experience this unfortunately we are probably the only city along the coast with no access to beach front. To experience the wind blowing and listening to all the various sounds such as waves, wind and rustling reeds and birds flying. some children maybe somewhat overwhelmed with the sound of the wind with reassurance they can enjoy the day at the beach. Only risk I see would be blowing sand that may get into their eyes or mouth.

  39. Prabhulata Immaraju

    It sure would be a wonderful experience for the children to visit the beach n touch n feel the elements of water, sand, and air and I know how much our children love a windy day. As long as staff are well prepared and scan well the children can definitely enjoy the place.
    The only risks I can think of is big waves , or flying sand in their face/ eyes etc or a child running away, as this is a public place n is vast compared to our play yards or familiar outdoor spaces.
    But the fun outweighs all unforeseen risks.

  40. Charlene Durrant

    Being able to take the children to the beach would be an awesome experience! Many of them may never have been to the beach before and would be a new experience for them. Getting sand in their eyes wouldn’t be a concern. They can get sand in their eyes playing in a sand box. If you plan far enough ahead you would be able to make wind Sox for the children to fly in the wind. Or take kites with you.

  41. Amanda N

    Children will love to walk by the beach on a windy day. They’ll be able to hear different sounds and smell other elements. However, they can also feel scared if it’s too windy with sand and loose objects flying towards them, and in some cases, if the wind is too strong, children can lose control of their bodies.

  42. Nazia Mir

    we use sunglasses for eye protection from the sand. we use plastic shopping bags as kits in windy weather.

  43. Lucie Pendergraff

    Sand in the eyes is the only risk. The experience offers many sensory experiences and opportunities to observe. The opportunities for learning far outweigh the risks.

  44. Nikki Meyer

    Being on the beach in the windy day allows children to feel the breeze, hear the sound of the waves and rustling of the grass, feel the grass moving, digging in the sand as the waves break. Children will feel excited about the possibilities. There is risk in being outdoors in the wind, sand may blow into eyes or feel pitted on the skin or materials may come loose and be at risk for hitting someone.

  45. Kathy Barnhart

    I love the beach on a windy day. The sounds and sights, and smells are amazing. I think the children would enjoy the experience and would want to run with the wind. They would touch and listen and feel. The risks might be that they get so excited they can’t contain themselves, but realizing this would be a normal climate for the children living there, it would be fine. when I saw the concrete playground, I thought that was more risky than the beach!

  46. Lucie Theroret

    i think children will love it they like to be push by the wind they will enjoy watching the waves and watching birds flying over it Will be a great experience

  47. Joanne Falk

    The children would get so many experiences on that day. They would get to play in the sand, in the grass, walk in the shallow water as well as feel the wind and maybe feel like they would blow away! They would get so excited about hearing/seeing the birds that would fly around.
    One risk that I can think of would be going into the water too far, but with careful planning and extra staff around that can be prevented.

  48. Nadira Ramnauth

    Learning about the wind is a great learning experience. The children can learn the different sounds coming from the wind and the waves. They can observe what else happens on a windy day. In the video we can see the clouds getting darker, someone flying a kite and the plants moving from side to side. I like the video and think it’s a great way to teach the children how we can experience the outdoors on a windy day.

    I don’t think the children will feel they are at risk, they know the teachers are always there to make sure they are safe.

  49. Caroline Driedger

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?
    The children would be exposed to the feel of wind on their faces(Exhilarating). the spray of water( exhilarating) so many visuals seeing the tall grass blow in the wind running on the board walk hearing the sounds of their feet. The entire experience exhilarating. I do not feel that there is is any risk to this day. The educators would ensure the environment is safe and discussions would be a part this planned day.

  50. Janet Huffman

    The sounds and images bring comfort to me, as someone who grew up close to the water and now lives far from it. The children would be able to experience the feel of water spraying on their faces from the wind. The way the sand feels on their feet- is it cold? how does the mud feel between their toes. The relationships between educators and children will support the children in this environment- the educator must trust the children and their choices.

  51. Nicole Morrell

    The children have the experience of how the wind feels in wide open spaces, the sound of the waves crashing along the shore, how cold the sand could feel between their toes. I would think that they would feel exhilarated and free. I don’t think they would feel at risk if they had a safe loving relationship with their educators and peers. There is always risk to bringing children near water but in this instance I think the juice would be worth the squeeze.

  52. Erin Lihou

    I would think they would love to watch the waves crash against the shore and watch the bird try to maneuver the wind as they fly. They would make the most of this experience

  53. Hilary Geddes

    I personally dont see much risk with the wind pertaining to safety concerns, i believe the children are gaining a great experience in all types of weather.

  54. Laura Mcintosh

    In this video there are a lot of experiences the children could have, I don’t see the risk with the wind unless it was bringing the sand up and potentially could get in the children’s faces but it doesn’t appear to be too strong. They could play in the tall grass, in the water in the waves or fly kites in the wind.

  55. Alphonsine Hategekimana

    I think in my opinion, not all children will be happy to be in such situation. As not all children are the same, they will not enjoy it in the same way or be happy to be out in that storm. There are those who will see it as a risk and will not be able to participate or explore the wonders that nature gives us. The others will be happy to explore the day, listening to the sound of the wind, the grass moving, the wind, the trees moving, the color of the water rippling. It’s a great time to do experiments and take risks in any condition.

  56. Kathryn Armstrong

    The only risk I see is the blowing sad which does not appear to be extensive. Obviously the risks of any area near water would be manageable. As far as what would the children learn. The tall grass, the flapping flag the crashing surf would all be exhilarating. Watching the waves would be very exciting, observing how the grass is blowing but does not break, hearing all of the sounds, so many thrilling adventures.

  57. Stephanie Vieira

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?

    The children would experience the strong wind going on. Looking at the storm that is about to happen. The tall grass that the wind is pushing and the ocean. If a child as never seen any of these thing it we’ll be a great first time experience for them. I think some children well fell very excited but others might feel scared as well. I think if they were to go to the ocean they might fall in deep and hurt them selfs if there isn’t any supervision. Since the water is very deep. But if there is great supervision then there shouldn’t be no problem.

  58. Janice Duncan

    I don’t see a lot of risk for the children to be out on this windy day, the typical boundaries need to be in place in terms of being near the water. Watching the sky and the darkening skies suggests a storm is on the rise which can be pretty exciting. The wind is strong and powerful with its effects on the grass, flags, water, birds and people is pretty thrilling.

  59. Ai Paul

    I can see children will have wonderful real, hands-on experiences by watching the grasses moving side by side, feeling the wind on their face, wondering how seagulls can fly on such a windy day, being surprised to see how high the waves become. Some children might be scared of thinking to be blown away. Maybe let children hold hands together while walking and observing the nature.

  60. Kamaldeep Sidhu

    I believe a windy day on the beach is a perfect place for children to explore the fresh air, watching the flying birds,nice clouds and they will be excited to watch the beach waves.

  61. Jaclyn Geiger

    Love this idea! I had never thought of the experience of AIR but what a great sensory connection. Watching the waves, the leave and feeling in our faces solidifies learning and experience in such a different way. Yes, of course risk assessment would need to be done previously but in this example what a great opportunity.

  62. Deborah Fehr

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience? The children would experience freedom and discovery. Sensations on their bodies, especially their faces from the wind, the sounds in their ears and the wide variety of visual experiences would make this a wonderfully exhilarating day. I don’t see the risk as long as the children have had previous learning about water safety. Perhaps the greatest risk would come from other adults in proximity, especially if they should be concerned about the risk. Adult fear can create fear in children which increases that possibility of injury.

  63. Carrie Maclellan 

    I don’t see there being “risk” to the children in the sense that they could be unsafe but I do think this would be a great experience for them to explore the wind!

  64. Lorraine Kok

    I see no real risk to the children I thought this was a great video clip because the children are experiencing not only the force of the wide but they also have several exploration activities as well the beach, sand sea life, and rocks. great opportunity.

  65. Heather Howard

    The children will be experiencing the strength and force of the wind while watching a bird flying against the wind, the grasses blowing, the flag whipping, the waves crashing and blowing across their bodies. These would all be exciting to watch as the children could see how the wind’s force effects everything differently. I don’t feel there is a risk to being out in this strong wind – aside from going into the water perhaps without discussion. There would need to be conversations around those boundaries to minimize the risk but all is manageable.

  66. Heidi Dueck

    A little fear provides excitement and a thrill that you did something that needed courage. Wind, water and elements in nature are powerful and thrilling.

  67. Madison Reimer

    I think this experience would provided the children with a lot of discovery and wonderment. As they notice everything blowing around them, they could learn about wind and how that works. As well as the different things they could hear and learn about, the sound of the waves crashing, the greens blowing. This is such a beautiful space where the children could learn so much in!

  68. Christine Villeneuve

    I can think of so many experiences – feeling the wind on my face, watching the grasses bend, possibly flying a kite, experimenting with the wind/sand/water as part of the program. Since there was some water, there may be some hazard with going too deep, but speaking to children about where/when they feel safe is just as important in risky play as is an educator assessing for hazards.

  69. Carli Olson

    I think they would feel free. The wind brings so much freedom, and fresh air it is really something spectacular. This video has so many beneficial things about it, the sand, water, the wind, the wild life, the smell in the air! I do think about some of the children in my centre and how they are scared of the wind when it is strong (young ones)

  70. Patricia Lynch-Staunton

    What experiences will the children have on that day? Will they feel excited, exhilarated and thrilled? Will they feel at risk? Is there risk to this experience?
    The children will experience the force of the wind on their bodies, how to balance in the wind, walk along the planks of the boardwalk compared to walking in the sand and grass, observing the bird’s struggle to fly in the wind, the sound of the rushing grass, the lapping of the waves, their own voices being whipped away by the wind. These are all thrilling moments. With careful , unobtrusive supervision, I doubt that the children will be at risk nor would they feel so if the educators have confidence in them.

  71. Alison Rinas

    The children will explore the wind in their faces, the smells of the open the feeling of the sand and water. All the elements of play will be experienced through this experience, as long as the educators trust the children to explore it freely.

  72. Daniela Rodriguez

    I believe a windy day on the beach is of minimum risk. Children can be creative and imagine they are sailors. Teachers could give the children different materials/resources, such as a flag, so they can witness the wind effects.

  73. Randi Robertson

    I think that this would be a perfect place to take kids, it gives them a chance to get fresh air and enjoy the beach. I see that there is also a park / playground there also, im sure the kids would love playing here! I dont think that the kids would be scared or feel at risk i believe that they would be excited to be here!

  74. Romy Ralph

    I think the children would be excited to see the waves crashing and the sea birds soaring in the wind. My program is steps away from the beach so I know that there are endless learning experiences and play opportunities at the beach. I do think there is always a risk when children are playing near open water and your number of children and teacher ratio is very important.

  75. Kim Hoey

    I think the children would enjoy the wind and the beach. Many discussions about wind, water and waves. You could take a kite….. and they could experience that. I can’t think of any risk to the children!

  76. Charmee Penner

    I think that the only risk would be sand blowing into eyes but that could be managed if children wore sunglasses or glasses. Or the risk of children going in the water too deeply, but that could be managed with planning to have extra staff present. I think that children would be trilled, windy days at the beach are amazing especially jumping over the waves in the shallow water at the shoreline.

  77. Laurie Millions

    I think the children would love all the adventures they would have. The long grass play, hiding in it. If the children wore sunglasses it would eliminate them getting sand in their eyes.

  78. Anita Morgan

    There is tons of potential for different experiences! I agree that children would feel excited and thrilled. I don’t think children would feel at risk, the sand blowing may be a risk, but minimal

  79. Jessica Popp

    I believe the children will be excited by the wind and blowing grass. The children will have the opportunity to the really feel the weather. Moving or leaning into the wind, hearing voices travel in the wind. With intentional discussions this experience can be connected to future learning opportunities. Risk, I see are relatively minor and preventable is blowing dirt or sand or possibly exploring too far where a child would not be able to hear.

  80. Taylor Aichelberger

    The children would have the opportunity for so many experiences on that day. Playing in the sand, in the tall grass, or in the shallow water while experiencing the changes of the wind would make for wonderful learning experiences. The children would probably feel excited to pretend that they are flying on the beach as the wind blew. I think that the children would feel excited but most of them would still feel quite safe. The main risk that I observe would be going into the water too deeply, and that it will be more difficult for children to hear the adults with the loud sounds of the wind. These risks are easily minimized with proper planning and expectations.

  81. Devina Soares

    The only risk would be getting sand in their eyes and that is minimal. In my experience children like the thrill involved in “feeling like they are going to blow away”.