Strategy 3: Share knowledge about the importance of outdoor play with parents and colleagues.

Topic Progress:

It was a November morning in Eastern Canada. The children and parents had experienced the coldest morning to date for the season. The roof tops were white and the puddles had turned to ice. For some children, as they came into the outdoor play space, they were anxious to explore the ice that formed on the puddles. Two parents were more anxious about how long the children would be staying outside as they thought it was too cold and that they did not want their children getting sick from the cold. As the parents expressed this to me, I realized that as newer parents to the centre that we had not provided them with our usual information bulletins about the importance of children playing outdoors in all kinds of weather. I knew that it would be important to ensure that I capture the children’s’ interest in the outdoors on this particular day and to document how and why days such as today are essential to children’s learning. In the next newsletter, I will include the note from our Pediatrician that outlines that children are generally healthier when they spend more time outdoors than indoors. This reinforced the importance of having an active parent education component and communication strategy related to outdoor play.