Strategy 1: Role model opportunities for children to engage in outdoor play in all types of weather.

Topic Progress:

I am new at the centre and have noted that often teachers decide to keep the children indoors in all kinds of weather. My philosophy differs as I am guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As I came out of my home this morning, the wind was blowing. I thought that the wind would be a factor in keeping the children indoors again today. I decided I was going to use this as a curiosity and play opportunity for the children. I shared my idea with my supervisor and she agreed to proceed.
When I arrived at the centre, the children were watching the pretty grasses in the gardens and the branches on the trees swaying from side-to-side. As four of the children watched the movement of the grasses and the branches, I said to the children, “One of the most favourite things to do on a windy day is to find a special place outdoors and listen to the wind. I think I would like to do that right now. Would any of you like to join me?”
The four children responded by saying “Can we really go outdoors?” “Yes”, I replied. One child asked, “What does the wind sound like and how will I know that it is the wind?”
As the children experienced the wind, they repeated the sounds of “woo” – then, one told the others that the tall grass was tickling her face. Another child said if we play hide-and-seek in the grass with the wind, no one will be able to hear us.
Two hours later, the children went indoors for lunch. Their stories about their experiences with the wind reinforced the importance of children being outdoors in all kinds of weather.