10-How Observing, Documenting and Interpreting Children’s Outdoor Play Brings a New Lens to Play Possibilities

This module examines the complex process of pedagogical documentation and its components - observation, documentation and interpretation - and relates them to outdoor play and learning.

7 Lessons

In this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Examine the complexities of pedagogical documentation including the observation, documentation and interpretation components.
  2. Identify how pedagogical documentation enhances outdoor play experiences for children.
  3. Reflect on the various forms of documentation and how they can be used to support and encourage outdoor play possibilities.
  4. Examine the benefits and the challenges of pedagogical documentation.
  5. Analyze and interpret various documentation to see the pedagogical possibilities.


  1. Kaitlyn Kennedy

    This module really helped me break down the observation and documentation process. It has challenged me to go further with my pedagogical documentation, as I recognize the places I can strive for more! There are also very helpful strategies for looking deeper into children’s learning and making it visible.

  2. Doris stuart

    Documentation is is important for parents and educators observation is so important in regards to each individual child. Documentation maybe how a child expresses their selves and really listening to each child and documenting with pictures or a written observation of what the child is doing. Thankyou for this module it gave me better understanding and insight of pedagogical documentations.

  3. Cindy Spencer

    Documentation is so important as it advocates for children’s learning! I loved this module!

  4. Erin Kotyk

    I definitely appreciated this module as I document our days through photos regularly but when it comes to writing and or recording I definitely would like to do more. I feel very inspired by the stories the bulletin boards and such. I’m hoping to be able to incorporate more of this in our next year after our summer break. Bring on the documentation!

  5. Amanda Funk

    This module gave great ideas for my practice.

  6. Maria Agustin

    This module is very impormative.

  7. Angel Huang

    I really think documentation is important through out our practice because once you start looking into details it will help the children a lot

  8. Ruth Novak

    This module was SUPER informative and I look forward to documenting!!

  9. Svetlana Babikova

    It was my favorite module; very knowledgeable. I believe I understand more pedagogical documentation now. I liked all the videos, slides, and clear explanations.

  10. Alphonsine Hategekimana

    Documentation is important in our practice because it helps us to be observers, listeners, professionals with critical thinking and good judgment in children’s work.