10-How Observing, Documenting and Interpreting Children’s Outdoor Play Brings a New Lens to Play Possibilities

This module examines the complex process of pedagogical documentation and its components - observation, documentation and interpretation - and relates them to outdoor play and learning.

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7 Lessons

In this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Examine the complexities of pedagogical documentation including the observation, documentation and interpretation components.
  2. Identify how pedagogical documentation enhances outdoor play experiences for children.
  3. Reflect on the various forms of documentation and how they can be used to support and encourage outdoor play possibilities.
  4. Examine the benefits and the challenges of pedagogical documentation.
  5. Analyze and interpret various documentation to see the pedagogical possibilities.

Module Materials

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Speakers with Volume “ON”


  1. Paula Watson

    I have been working on pedagogical documentation for a while now it was interesting to do this from an outdoor perspective.

  2. Shirley Suttak

    This module helped me to understand pedagogical documentation better. It is a ongoing process and it takes time but the benefits of pedagogical documentation are so valuable for ,children families and educators.

  3. marie-france bourgoin-leger

    Pedagogical documentation is part of my everyday work. I love to reflect on children’s engagement and learning. It’s very satisfying to share with others the work and learning that happens thru outdoor play. This module helped me understand other type of documentation. I will pursue these new ideas in my practice

  4. Corina Manasseri

    PDL is not a simple process but it does have the power to sustain and inspire us to support the growth of everyone who is involved. It gives children a voice 🙂 It’s a documentation that is collaborative and is filled with rewards and growth!

  5. Sharon Evenden

    Pedagogical documentation is a great learning tool for other children as well as important for parents and other staff. Children will spend a lot of time studying pictures and often show interest in doing it.

  6. DC

    Pedagogical documentation can be used to document learning, sharing of information with families and professionals, as well as provide a visual learning tool for young children to see how they have progressed from an idea to construction to evolving their ideas.

  7. Emma D. Rodilas

    Pedagogical documentation is a good way of reflection of what was learned at to be learn in the education process.

  8. Kathleen Couture

    Pedagogical documentation is a unique trait that stands out to make Early Childhood Education a true profession. We are the experts and our training and background promote and reflect this unique knowledge and use of this tool.