07-How Loose Parts Bring Magic to Children’s Play

This module introduces what is meant by loose parts and how they contribute to children adding uniqueness and knowledge creation to their outdoor play experiences. Concepts including Piaget’s perspectives on schemas, assimilation and accommodation will be presented. Types of natural and synthetic loose parts will be presented as well as the roles and strategies that early learning teachers use to support children in their sense of wonderment and curiosity.

6 Lessons

In this module, participants will be able to:

  1. Define what is meant by loose parts and the theory of loose parts.
  2. Explain how loose parts support children’s curiosity, exploratory experiences and new knowledge creation.
  3. Describe how children playing with loose parts contributes to them developing schemas, assimilation and accommodation strategies, and varying play experiences.
  4. Outline the role of early learning teachers in creating environments and promoting children’s play with loose parts.
  5. Examine types of strategies that early learning teachers use in the outdoor environment to support children in having access to and gaining benefits from loose parts.