06-Pedagogy of Place and Nature Pedagogy

In this module, participants will be able to reflect on the pedagogy of place or place-based education and consider how this pedagogical approach relates to their own practice. Making meaning of the terms pedagogy, place and curriculum will support early learning professionals and students in the provision of outdoor play opportunities for children. Participants will consider, the ecological connections, theories and applications to practice.

8 Lessons

Course Description:

In this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Examine the concepts of place and nature pedagogy and the differences between curriculum and pedagogy.
  2. Reflect on the importance of relationships and the environment to place and nature pedagogy.
  3. Examine theories of place and nature pedagogy.
  4. Define ecological identity and ecological literacy.
  5. Relate children’s outdoor play experiences to Sobel’s (2008) play motifs.
  6. Examine ways to support place and nature pedagogy in children’s outdoor play experiences.